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Radio is still the most affordable media
and the best value in the marketplace.

KSWB Radio Clatsop has a unique blend of Classic Rock Oldies, Uplifting chart hits and power ballads, the very best rock, pop and rhythm and blues of the late 50's 60's 70's 80's and 90's.

KSWB can be heard in many businesses, offices and of course cars and homes.

Our demographic is all ages but reaching a strong placement in the market of listeners 25-65 men and women. As we say we reach everyone.

Hear the original songs that your children are still playing in Band at middle school and high school.

KSWB morning show host John Chapman wakes you up weekdays from 7:00 am to 10:00 am with the great music, with some news stories and trivia and what ever else may up come up that day.

"Chappy is often joined with local fans and regular doses of Gooch with his weather forecast is a must.

KSWB is also the Voice of Seaside High School Seagulls, covering football, boys and girls basketball, boys baseball, girls softball with the occasional play off and league games for other sports.

Radio and Radio Station involvement in your business or event is still as successful today as when radio first became commercialized. We strive to work with all budgets and ideas to make your business or event a success. Using radio is like adding a mega phone to your already successful adventures.

KSWB will continue its mission as being a locally owned and operated station, directed towards the community, nothing there has changed, nor will it. Being locally owned, your advertising dollars will go further, you will be guaranteed a personal relationship and together we will strive to gain success and exposure of your business or organization.


For more information on how radio can help your business, or event, contact John Chapman at 503.738.KSWB or 503.738.5792 or use our website form below to enter your questions and information.


Seaside, OR
Astoria, OR
Long Beach, WA
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